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The Board of Electors are the trustees of the congregation, overseeing, governing and setting strategic direction for BHC. The Board of Electors have the power to act upon all matters not otherwise specifically provided in the Bylaws and Policies of the congregation.



Redlined Comparison Version from BHC 2015 Bylaws and the Proposed 2020 Bylaws (PDF) 

Every five years, the Congregation reviews and revises the Bylaws, to the extent appropriate.  To that end, see the red lined comparison version of the Bylaws showing the 2015 version and the proposed revisions for our 2020 version so that all revisions may be reviewed by all members of the Congregation.

While we encourage a thorough review of that comparison version, for ease and not as a substitute, the proposed revisions to the Bylaws can be generally reflected in six categories:

  1. Gender neutrality (10.1), Format, Font, Spacing, Typos, Grammar and Consistency;
  2. 3.1 Changes to clean up the prior provision addressing the 24 - 18 reduction and to address the role of participants on the Board;
  3. 4.4 Nominating Committee to change 60 to 90 days to fill vacancies;
  4. 5.7 as to participation by telephone/video-conferencing; 
  5. 5.9 as to attendance at executive sessions of the Board; and 
  6. 8.1.2, 8.1.3 and 8.3 revisions.

The proposed revisions and any questions will be addressed at our April 17, 2020 Annual Meeting for consideration and a vote of the membership for approval. 

Committee: Stan Gann, Jr., Chair; Dana Gloor, Paula Himeles and John Singer



John Elias, President, president@baltimorehebrew.org
Gary Aiken, 1st Vice President
Brett Cohen, Vice President
Amy Sponseller, Vice President
David Castine, Treasurer
Robert L. Waldman, Assistant Treasurer
Jennifer Lew, Secretary
Richard D. Gross, Immediate Past President



David Beller

Jaime Bishow

Rabbi Andrew Busch

Jean Fedder

Stanford Gann, Jr.
Leslie Glickman

Andrew Hahn
Helene Kahn

Brian Katzenberg

Melissa Lenet
Linda R. Nathan

Timothy Perl

Richard Peterson

Marc Plisko
Carol Sandler
Jonathan Schwartz

Amy Seldowitz

Susan Sherman
David I. Tossman

Carl S. Silverman, Counsel


Auxiliary Presidents

Danny Duhan, Brotherhood
Helene Waranch, Sisterhood


Past Presidents

Philip Abraham
Kay Miller Feldmann
Allan T. Hirsh, III
Richard F. Kemper
Edward L. Perl
Michel Pierson
Lois Rosenfield
Steven Sharfstein
Louis I. Shpritz
Carl S. Silverman
Ruth F. Silverstone
Martha Weiman
Peggy K. Wolf



Electors 1

David Beller
Jaime Bishow

Rabbi Andrew Busch
Jean Fedder

Stanford Gann, Jr.


Electors 2

David Beller
Jaime Bishow

Rabbi Andrew Busch
Jean Fedder

Stanford Gann, Jr.


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