The Board of Electors are the trustees of the congregation, overseeing, governing and setting strategic direction for BHC. The Board of Electors have the power to act upon all matters not otherwise specifically provided in the Bylaws and Policies of the congregation.


Richard D. Gross, President,
John Elias, 1st Vice President 
Linda R. Nathan, Vice President
Amy Sponseller, Vice President
Benjamin Dubin, Treasurer
David Castine, Assistant Treasurer  
Brett Cohen, Secretary
Steven Sharfstein, Immediate Past President


Jeannie Abramson
David Beller
Jaime Bishow
Rabbi Andrew Busch
Jean Fedder
Stanford Gann, Jr.
Leslie Glickman
Ross Goldstein
Andrew Hahn
Brian Katzenberg
Melissa Lenet
Jennifer Lew
Howard Libit
Timothy Perl
Richard Peterson
Marc Plisko
Amy Seldowitz
Janice Strauss
David I Tossman
Robert L. Waldman
Carl S. Silverman, Counsel

Auxiliary Presidents

Sid Bravmann, Brotherhood
Suzanne Strutt, Sisterhood

Past Presidents

Philip Abraham
Kay Miller Feldmann
Allan T. Hirsh, III
Richard F. Kemper
Edward L. Perl
Michel Pierson
Lois Rosenfield
Steven Sharfstein
Louis I. Shpritz
Carl S. Silverman
Ruth F. Silverstone
Martha Weiman
Peggy K. Wolf

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