Baltimore Hebrew Congregation has a historic cemetery in Baltimore City and a premier cemetery located in Reisterstown (Baltimore County). Cemetery plots are available for sale to members of Baltimore Hebrew Congregation and to the community.  Options are available in both our bronze marker/footstone sections and our monument/headstone sections. The purchase of cemetery lots includes Perpetual Care which ensures the ongoing maintenance of our cemeteries. For cemetery rules, Click Here.

Berrymans Lane Cemetery

Berrymans Lane Cemetery is located in the rolling hills of rural Reisterstown, MD. It is easily accessible by using Reisterstown Road or the I-795 Expressway. At the entrance stands a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. The cemetery, completed in 1964, incorporates the most modern features of cemetery planning and landscape architecture to ensure enduring beauty throughout the ages.

The cemetery is divided into divisions and sections featuring bronze markers/footstones,  monuments/headstones, and Green Burials. Both casket and ash burials are permitted in our cemetery, in both the marker and monument sections. Special arrangements can be made for double ash burials interred on a single lot. Perpetual Care and maintenance are provided for all grave sites by a separate fund.

Open during daylight hours.

318 Berrymans Lane, Reisterstown, MD 21136

Belair Road Cemetery

In the city, at 2100 Belair Road, our cemetery opened in 1830. Rabbi Abraham Rice, the first ordained Rabbi in the United States, and Baltimore Hebrew Congregation's first Rabbi, is interred here. Each year we have about a dozen interments and a similar amount in lot sales. 

Open during daylight hours. To gain access dial 111 from the keypad located at the entrance.

2100 Belair Road, Baltimore, MD 21213-1399

Green Burials

For centuries, traditional Jewish burial rituals have honored the natural cycle of our bodies returning to the earth. As Torah teaches, “...for dust you are and to dust you shall return” (Genesis 3:18). In our own day, we are increasingly aware of the toll our human enterprises can take on the environment. In order to remain committed to environmentally conscious stewardship in all of our activities and uphold the time-honored values of our tradition, BHC has initiated a new Green Burial program at our Berrymans Lane Cemetery in Reisterstown and our Belair Road Cemetery in Baltimore City.

A “Green,” or “natural” burial is one which allows a body to return as naturally as possible to the earth. The key elements of Green Burial are not embalming the body, using an unfinished pine casket, and burial in a “Green” plot without an outer burial container such as a concrete vault. Making the choice for Green means you are choosing a burial with very little environmental impact.

In BHC’s cemeteries, individual Green markers (no double or family markers) will be placed at the head of each grave. Green markers consist of a natural, un-sculpted stone that allows engraving of the name and dates. Because the stone is natural, and each one unique, the lettering is not guaranteed to be uniform, but will be engraved by a professional. The stone must be purchased through BHC to ensure conformity to the rules and aesthetics (standard monuments and/or foot stones, purchased through a local monument company, may be used at our Belair Road Cemetery).

The national Green Burial Council (GBC) has set standards for different levels of Green Burials in the United States and is certifying providers. At this time, BHC’s Cemetery offers a level of Green Burial that is not certified. This is something we may consider in the future.

Irregularities in the green burial stones can cause some inconsistencies with engraving.

Purchase Grave Lots

There is peace of mind in knowing that your burial place will be taken care of forever. INFO: Contact Jo Ann Windman, Executive Director, jwindman@baltimorehebrew.org, 410-764-1587, ext. 223 or 410-925-5784.

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