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Joining a synagogue provides individuals, couples and families with ways to celebrate Jewish holidays and traditions, express their spirituality, learn about their Jewish heritage and connect to others in their Jewish community. Joining a synagogue—and the community that is its congregation—gives context and expression to our Judaism.

If you are new to Baltimore, membership at BHC provides an instant entrée to a vibrant Jewish community. If you’ve lived in Baltimore, joining BHC provides deeper connections to a thriving community you may have known about, but never had a chance to experience. By becoming a member of BHC, you have access to many opportunities including:

• Baltimore Hebrew Congregation is the only Reform synagogue in Baltimore to offer voluntary dues for eligible first-year members of any age and for congregants until the age of 30.

• Attending and, if you wish, participating in diverse worship experiences, including Shabbat, holiday and High Holy Day worship plus special memorial services during the High Holy Days as well as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Memorial Services

• Services of the clergy for members’ life-cycle events, including Brit or baby namings, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Adult B’nai Mitzvah, weddings and funerals

• Reduced cost of Religious School for your child(ren) 

• Member discounts when you enroll your preschool child(ren) in The E.B. Hirsh Early Childhood Center

• A variety of lifelong education programs for children and adults

• BHC’s unique program of providing children of congregants who were confirmed at BHC with free membership through age 29, thus providing a letter of reciprocity that will enable them to share in High Holy Day Service at other synagogues in areas of the country during or after college graduation

• Opportunities to socialize and volunteer with other BHC members throughout the year and to engage in the BHC community through the Social Action/Social Justice team, Women of BHC (Sisterhood), Brotherhood, Parents’ Association, Youth Groups, Chai Life, and Kol Rinnah, BHC’s Congregational choir

• Further involvement in BHC by serving on committees and the Board of Electors

• All BHC communications including the monthly Temple Bulletin and the weekly Briefly BHC

• Member rates when you rent BHC facilities for an event or meeting

• Most important, as a member of BHC, you will have the opportunity to form new and important relationships and a place to call “home"

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Fill out our simple member application form today to become a member. Click here to complete online or click here to download and print a paper version to mail or bring into the Temple Office.

Learn More

2022–2023 Membership Dues: Link

Meet with Jo Ann Windman, Executive Director to learn more about our great community, our membership details and to have a tour of BHC. INFO: Jo Ann Windman, Executive Director, or 410-764-1587, ext. 223.

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