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Virtual Schedule

See below for details on some of our weekly events. Dates, times and details may change.
See Briefly and our Monday emails for the most up-to-date schedule and for login information.
For questions, issues or to join our mailing list contact info@baltimorehebrew.org for details.

For Adults:
Monday August 3 - Wednesday August 5
1:30-2:30 pm: Fill Your Cup with BHC Daily Adult Education:
  • Monday, “Exploring Jewish Perspectives” with Rabbi Busch
  • Tuesday, “Understanding Prayerbook Hebrew for Advanced Beginners” with Cantor Sacks. Drop in, practice your Hebrew (for self-described Advanced Beginner Hebrew readers), and learn about the meaning of our prayers. If you can decode Hebrew - slow or fast it doesn’t matter - then you might enjoy finding out what the Hebrew means.
  • WednesdayWomen of BHC: Cooking Demonstration of Apple Nutmeg Cake with Chef Cathy of Classic Catering. See Women of BHC: Fill Your Cup Schedule here: Link
Join here: Meeting ID: 897 4428 0586 Password: 196184
For Youth:
Monday, August 3
11 am: E.B. Hirsh Early Childhood Center Summer Sing-a-long. 
Come and learn hebrew words while singing popular songs about summer with Morah Irina.
Wednesday, August 5
11 am: E.B. Hirsh Early Childhood Center Fun with Morah Irina.
Friday, August 7
11 am: E.B. Hirsh Early Childhood Center Kabbalat Shabbat with Morah Irina.

August 24–28 (Monday–Friday)
10–11 am: Camp BHC via Zoom each day
1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 day options available.
$10/day for BHC members, $15/day for non-members
Join us for an exciting one-week opportunity for Aleph All Stars to 5th Grade to share in creativity, ruach (spirit), and exploration as we complete the Amazing Race! Campers will experience this out-of-this-world fun-time adventure while living middot (Jewish values) and experiencing the joy of kehillah (community). An activity box with all the necessary supplies and a Shabbat box filled with BHC swag will be included with your registration. Dates and times for the drive-thru pick up will be communicated to registered participants. Generous scholarships are available. Please email Alicia Gallant, Assistant Director of Education at agallant@baltimorehebrew.org for more information.
Schedule (subject to change):
  • Monday: Tie-Dye
  • Tuesday: Lady Bug Painted Rocks
  • Wednesday: Baking Soda Volcano
  • Thursday: Cooking
  • Friday: DIY Medals
Register Today!: Link
For questions or more general information, contact Rachel Opatowsky, Director of Education, at ropatowsky@baltimorehebrew.org.

Casseroles for Donations to Our Daily Bread
In continuing to help our community during the health emergency, on Monday, August 17 from 11–11:30 am please drop casseroles at BHC. Our congregant, Alice Dolle Trosch, will be waiting on the parking lot for you to load your casserole into her van. Alice will immediately take the casseroles to Our Daily Bread.
We prefer the casseroles to be frozen when you drop them off. You can provide the store-bought frozen Mac and Cheese, Lasagna or baked barbecued chicken. Recipe link here. 
For information, email jwindman@baltimorehebrew.org

6-6:15 pm: Story and Singing with Rachel Opatowsky, Director of Education, via StreamSpot. Click here:
6:15 pm: Shabbat Service via StreamSpot. Click here:
9 am: Torah Talk via Zoom
Join here: Meeting ID: 865 4383 9544 Password: 245677
10:30 am: Shabbat Service via StreamSpot. Click here:
Get Swabbed! Chai Life, BHC's 20s and 30s Community Videostreaming
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