Bar/Bat Mitzvah Requirements

Classwork and Attendance

Students are expected to keep up good progress in their classwork and to maintain good attendance in our Youth Education programs or his/her Jewish day school. Bar & Bat Mitzvah students are expected to enroll and attend for the full year of their Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Service Attendance

Attendance at services is particularly important during the Bar/Bat Mitzvah year, so that the children, and their parents, can become more familiar with our service customs - in Hebrew, our minhag.

Home Study

As soon as you receive your binder, go online, download the prayers, save them to your home computer or phone and begin listening to them immediately. Cantor Sacks will record your chosen Torah reading. After each private lesson, the student will have an assignment for home study. Because everyone learns at a different pace, the amount of time spent studying will depend on you. However, after much experience in this area, the following study tips are applicable to all children:
        •    Study at least four times per week.  
                - Fluency and memorization are skills acquired only after repeated practice.
                  Studying four times a week for fifteen minutes each day works!
                  Cramming for an hour the day before the lesson doesn’t work.  
        •    Always review what you already know.
                - Get used to performing in front of people by practicing in front of parents,
                  friends or in front of the mirror.
        •    Even parents who don’t know Hebrew can help!  
                - Even if you don’t know Hebrew, you can still tell if the reading or chanting is fluent and          
                   performed with confidence. Don’t worry about mistakes - you can leave the corrections to us.

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