Preregistration is required for all High Holy Day Sanctuary services. Please register at, or call BHC at 410-764-1587.

Brotherhood Leadership



2020-2022 Officers and Appointments


2020-2021 Committee Chairs


All these programs are made possible by our members who volunteer to bring these opportunities to you. If you are a member of Brotherhood, thank you for your membership and service. If you are not yet a member, please consider the contribution and difference you could make to our Congregation, our community and our world.


Board of Directors

  • Jamar Arvin
  • Steve Bruno
  • Perry Cocke
  • David Felzenberg
  • Jon Hyman
  • Dick Kane
  • Bruce Katzenberg
  • Mike Kurman
  • Stan Levin
  • Harry Macks
  • Larry Pearl
  • Richard Peterson
  • Steven Potter
  • Greg Robin


Past Brotherhood Presidents

  • Philip Abraham
  • Lowell Abramson
  • Dave Berenhaus
  • Aaron Bloom
  • Joe Boccuzzi
  • Sid Bravmann
  • Benjy Dubin
  • Richard Fishkin
  • Buddy Frank
  • Greg Hill
  • Simon Kalderon
  • Richard Lederman
  • Jordan Loran
  • Dan Mayer



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