Classical Shabbat Service

Date: May 18, 2018
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Kol Rinnah will anchor BHC’s celebration of its liturgical heritage by observing Classical Reform Shabbat on Friday, May 18, 7 pm. Most of the prayers will come from the Union Prayer Book, first published 1892, which would become the primary book of prayer for Reform Jews for the next eighty-plus years. Music was written expressly for the Union Prayer Book. Composers wrote entire services, from the opening prayers through to the final song. Many congregations grew to love these services, and some of the settings from these compositions have become beloved melodies, still sung in our synagogues and at summer camps.

Kol Rinnah, Jimmy Galdieri, and our clergy, joined by a string quartet, will lead us in a service written by Michael Isaacson. Using musical styles popular in the 1970’s, Isaacson writes melodies that everyone can sing and interpretations that will allow us to experience the words in new ways. Isaacson writes that he was striving to meld the emerging folk tradition with the rich heritage of more formal musical composition found in Reform Jewish music for many decades. Join us in prayer and in celebration on May 18. To paraphrase Rav Kook, “May what is familiar become new, and what is new become holy.”

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