Hoffberger Gallery Reception

Date: September 15, 2019
Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Plein Air Group (13 artists) – "Baltimore’s Bygone Synagogues: History Captured"

Lissa Abrams
Bruno Baran
Lois Borgenicht
Ann Crostic
David Diaz
Joe Giodano
Janice Kirsh
Joyce Klavan Jandorf

Kathleen Kotarba
Michael Kotarba
Crystal Moll
Paul Moscatt
Brina Pintzuk
Tom Ritchie
Stewart White
Karen Winston-Levin

Reception: Sunday, September 15, 2–4 PM

Artist's Statement: Plein Air Group

This project aims to capture a visual history of many synagogues that dot the Baltimore landscape.   As the Jewish community moved from East to West and North to the suburbs, the presence of these small and large synagogues (often now repurposed as churches) traces the migration of Baltimore’s Jewish community.

Fifteen Baltimore area plein air artists are capturing the uniqueness of the interior and exterior of these buildings.  Several synagogues located in the city are historic and currently function as active congregations, such as B’nai Israel and Beth Am.  The old majestic synagogues that were bought by churches retain symbols of their Jewish religious life.  Many of these former synagogues provide us with a time capsule, remaining as they were when vacated in the 1960s and 1950s and earlier.

This exhibit presents an opportunity to explore the rich history of Baltimore’s Jewish community as represented by its places of prayer.  Each artist brings inspiration to and interpretation of bygone and historic synagogues, painting on location or in the studio, blending lost history with current realities. The intent of the exhibit is to have each artist represent the synagogue as a reminder of the Jewish community’s impact on the City of Baltimore.

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