BHC Summer Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:304 pm, Friday 8:303 pm. For Assistance Call 410-764-1587.

Visiting the Ark

Missing the Sanctuary at BHC? Though we are not able to pray together in person during this year’s High Holy Days, you and up to 5  members of your family can schedule a visit to spend a few moments in our sacred space, visit the Torahs and Ark, reflect and find comfort together.  We will have meditations and prayers available for you to read together while you visit.

In order to keep these visits safe, and our space holy,  a guide will meet you at the Adalman Lobby door, ensure you have and are wearing a mask, check your temperature and then escort you into the sanctuary. After your 10 minutes, we will need 15 minutes to properly sanitize the area. We ask that you be mindful of the time limits.
Visiting slots are limited, so please let us know if you are unable to make to make your scheduled visit in the event something comes up. We also ask if you have any symptoms, temperature, or concerns you use your most responsible judgement. There is no penalty for canceling.
Please sign up Here.

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