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The Hoffberger Gallery is located near the beautiful Hoffberger Chapel at Baltimore Hebrew Congregation. The ample physical space can accommodate large and small works of art and offers exhibitors excellent exposure with the many meetings and events that take place at BHC throughout the year.

Established in 1958 by Claire Bornfriend, an artist and congregant of BHC, the Gallery continues to be self-sufficient and is run by a committee of active congregants, some of whom are themselves artists, committed to encouraging a love of art.

The Gallery consistently showcases works of quality in varied media by artists from all over the Mid-Atlantic region, with a special emphasis on Israeli artists during the High Holy Days. Exhibits change every two months, September through June, and offer opening receptions with refreshments. The hours for the Gallery follow BHC building hours. For directions, click here.

INFO: Marcia Bornfriend, marcia410@comcast.net, Lauren Loran, laurenloran@mac.com
or 410-764-1587, ext. 270.

Current Exhibit

July/August Exhibit

"Artistic Journey" work by Harriet Stulman

Reception: Friday, July 28, 7:30 PM

work by Harriet Stulman

Artist's Statement

It is never to late to reinvent yourself. In the last decade, I did just that! I reinvented a new life for myself through self-discovery and art. My focus on modern art is life long. When I was 8, I first visited the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and was fascinated with Abstract Expressionism.  Jackson Pollack’s paintings made a deep impression on me. Whenever I look at his paintings, I am drawn into the way he used color and motion. Having visited the Museum many times over the years, I found myself continuously attracted to his artistic style. The evolutionary development of modern abstract art is fascinating to me and has influenced my creativity.

About 10 years ago, I took the plunge and started painting at home and taking classes in Acrylic Painting at the Myerberg Senior Center. For the last two years, I have displayed paintings at the Center’s semi-annual Student Exhibitions. People have remarked about my bold use of color, form, and design. Color is life to me and I seek to evoke strong feelings of energy and excitement in viewing my work. I am fascinated with different ways to creatively use color.

When people view my work, they will observe lots of color and space and how these elements relate to each other. I want people to see a world of beauty, flux, and motion. I want to show nature’s influence on me. One of my paintings may remind you of an early morning sunrise or a darkened sky before a rainfall. My paintings are attuned to nature and the environment around me. I hope my viewers get a sense of what I see and feel when I paint - the experience I am capturing through design and form.

I take time to create each composition. It is not easy work and I paint until I am satisfied with what I am feeling at the moment. I hope when you view my paintings, you will see part of me in my art. I am very happy and pleased to share my art with you.


Upcoming Exhibits


Past Exhibits

May/June: Art 10 Baltimore: "Unencumbered"

March/April: Complementary Colors: "Sunrise, Sunset" 

January/February 2017: Ann Kagan, annkathrynkagan.com, acrylic: "Efflorescence"

November/December 2016: Ronni Jolles, paper: "Rough Around The Edges: Inspirations In Paper"

September/October 2016: Rabbi Gila Ruskin, mosaics: "Judaic Mosaics"

August 2016: Sylvia Besser,  3-dimensional painting, watercolors, acrylics and pastels: "An Artist's Journey"

July 2016: Temple Emanuel Art

May/June 2016: Matt Kloss, paintings: "Tourist and Intimist"

March/April 2016: Baltimore Watercolor Society, watercolor: "Real and Imagined"

January/February 2016: Norm Dubin, photography: "Photo-Synthesis"

November/December 2015: Elaine Katz, fabric collaged art quilts: "Fantasy Fiber"

September/October 2015: Effie Gereny, acrylic and mixed media: "Grey Matters"

July/August 2015: Dr. George Gutmann (presented by Cantor Sacks): "My Father's Story: A Retrospective In Art"

May/June 2015: Marcia Wolfson Ray, sculpture: "Outside/Inside"

March/April 2015: Charcoal Club (Jennifer Murtha Group), oil, watercolor, pastel: "Art for Everyone, Right In Your Backyard"

January/February 2015: William Tamburrino, oil: "Landscapes Near and Afar"

November/December 2014: Roxanne Weidele, pastels: "Horizons"

September/October 2014: Claudia Cameron, acrylics: "My Mother’s Story"

July/August 2014: Emerging Artists Exhibit


For information on our submission process, click here to download our submission guidelines. To plan for hanging click here and view the gallery space layout and measurements. INFO: Marcia Bornfriend, marcia410@comcast.net, Lauren Loran, laurenloran@mac.com or 410-764-1587, ext. 270.

BHC will retain a modified commission of 30% of the sale price. As a non-profit organization this commission to BHC is tax deductible. INFO: David Weis, Controller, 410-764-1587, ext. 243.

Hoffberger Gallery
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