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About BHC

Baltimore Hebrew Congregation (BHC) has evolved and modernized since our founding in 1830.  Our Jewish experience at BHC is highlighted by meaningful and dynamic Shabbat and holiday celebrations, engaging youth and adult education, social action endeavors and much more. We open our tent to the community during special events such as Rosh Hashanah Under the Stars (hosting over 6,000 people), Shavuot Scoop, Night of the Stars, and endless smaller opportunities.

At BHC, we are always looking to strengthen our congregational community and the lives of our congregants. We are a vibrant, diverse and active community and congregation, and there is no doubt that BHC is better with you. Our community is lifted up by each individual. Similarly, this congregational community has much to offer you. We believe opening our doors in this creative manner will allow us to build new relationships with the larger Reform Jewish community and reinforce existing ones.

BHC is your synagogue and your community, connecting you to prayer, social justice, and learning. BHC is your family and support network, rejoicing in your simchas, and providing comfort in your time of need. We are glad that you make BHC your home.

Our Dues

Great News! As a community, BHC is committed to making participation possible for those members who possess a broad range of financial situations. As such, we are excited to announce that we have restructured our dues for you. BHC is the only Reform synagogue in Baltimore to offer voluntary dues for first-year members of any age and for congregants under the age of 30. Additionally, new members receive a 50% reduction in their second-year. We have special discounted dues for families who have their oldest child in the in the E.B. Hirsh Early Childhood Center. For those who are already members, we have simplified our dues age categories to better meet your needs. We have also extended our family membership to include your children under the age of 30. To view our dues, click here. For updated Youth Education fees, contact Brad Cohen, Director of Education,

Learn More

Meet with Jo Ann Windman, Executive Director to learn more about our great community, our membership details and to have a tour of BHC. INFO: Jo Ann Windman, Executive Director, or 410-764-1587, ext. 223.

Become A Member

Fill out our simple member application form today to become a member. Click here to complete online or click here to download and print a paper version to mail or bring into the Temple Office.

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