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Meaningful Rosh Hashanah Opportunities

Friday, September 18

Pre-recorded: (Available 9 am)

Connecting to the Prophets: Part 1, via Vimeo: Link Part 1
Rabbi Gus Buchdahl and Susanna Garfein, PhD discuss the Haftarah.
(50 mins)
Connecting to the Prophets, a 3 part series
In a pre-recorded three part series, Rabbi Gus Buchdahl, Emanuel Emeritus, & Susanna Garfein, PhD, will discuss the High Holy Day Haftarah portions:  First Samuel 1-2, Isaiah 58, and Jonah, which will be chanted during these discussions.  They explore these prophetic passages from many perspectives and connect them to our lives.
Saturday, September 19

Live Events:

4 pm: The Meaning of Community & Prayer in 2020, via Zoom
Rabbi Busch will lead an interactive study sessions.
Join Here:  Meeting ID: 812 7601 3075 Passcode: 285830
(50 mins)




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