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Meaningful Yom Kippur Opportunities

Sunday, September 27

Pre-recorded: (Available 9 am)

Music and Meditation, via StreamSpot: Link
The annual Ruth and Robert M. Taubman z”l Program of Music and Meditation is entitled “A Time of Reflection, Resilience and Hope” and will feature a variety of wonderful congregant readers, singers and instrumentalists. This service is coordinated by BHC congregant Maria Lambros Kannen.
(50 mins)
Connecting to the Prophets: Parts 2 & 3, via StreamSpot:
Link Part 2      Link Part 3
Rabbi Gus Buchdahl and Susanna Garfein, PhD discuss the Morning and Afternoon Haftarah portions.
(50 mins each)
Chanting and Understanding Kol Nidre, via StreamSpot: Link
Listen to an extra Kol Nidre, chanted by Cantorial Intern Becky Mann, followed by a discussion about the power of this prayer and its music between Becky, Cantor Ellerin and Rabbi Debbie Pine.
(50 mins)
Monday, September 28

Live Events:

1 pm: Rabbi Sachs-Kohen & Dr. Brad Braxton in Conversation, via Zoom
Rabbi Sachs-Kohen shares a free-flowing conversation with Dr. Brad Braxton, Founding Pastor of the Open Church of MD. Themes will include race, morality, prophetic witness, and teshuva. Attendees will interact through the chat feature of zoom. Expect to leave wanting more as 50 minutes will not be enough time for this ‘Walk Around Zion.’
Join Here:  Meeting ID: 812 7601 3075 Passcode: 285830
(50 mins)
2 pm: Navigating Troubling Times by Cultivating Qualities of the Soul, via Zoom
Rabbi Rex D. Perlmeter, Emeritus, will lead an interactive study sessions.
Join Here:  Meeting ID: 812 7601 3075 Passcode: 285830
(50 mins)
3 pm: Guided Meditation, via Zoom
Join congregant Liora Brunn to explore how Yom Kippur can help quiet our thinking mind to become more present and in touch with our yetzer hatov—our inclination to do good.
Join Here:  Meeting ID: 812 7601 3075 Passcode: 285830
(50 mins)


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